Trying to be good.

Today while reading the daily newspaper I came across a story. Here it goes —

There was a poor boy. He was standing outside a shoe store looking through the big glass window hoping he could buy a pair. An old woman standing outside the City Hospital waiting at the bus stop was watching him. She asked him, " What are you doing here?".

To this the boy replied, "I am praying to God that I can buy a pair of shoes."

The woman took the boy to the store and asked the shopkeeper to give her a nice pair of shoes. She bought it and gave it to the boy. The boy asked her, "Did God send you?" which was out of sheer innocence.

The woman smiled and replied ,"No, I am just trying to be good. My son met with an accident and lost both of his feet."

The moral of this story was we cannot be like God to any person no matter how much we help him or her. But we can at least make ourselves a good person.